Table Decoration: Wedding Favours

When planning a wedding, most of us put more thought and attention into the preparation of this special day than any other time in our life, and the finer details of gifts for your wedding guests are no exception. Here at Cakes2catering we can provide a service that will help you make the right choice, and in particular guide you in selecting personalised wedding favours.

The Tradition of Wedding Favours

The tradition is to offer favours to wedding guests as a momento. They serve to represent the Bride and Groom's appreciation of their guests, and to remind them of the special day.

Wedding Favour - a ring box

The classic favour comes with five sugared almonds. The almonds symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life, and just like the Bride and Groom, 5 is a prime number that cannot be divided.

The wedding favours are usually placed on the table settings and can be presented in a variety of containers; in different boxes, little chests, in netting (the same colour as the bridal bouquet), or even to complement the wedding stationery. If the table settings have been organised the sugared almond favours for the ladies can be presented in ring boxes and, the men will receive them in little top hats (or mini-tuxedos). If you have a number of children attending the wedding, sugared almonds can be substituted for jelly beans. If certain guests are allergic to nuts there is an alternative of chocolate dragees.

Ordering Personalised Wedding Favours

Top hat Wedding Favour.

If you have a specific container or content idea in mind, we can tailor the favours accordingly. All will be beautifully hand-finished. We can also supply you with one or more samples beforehand, so that you can make the right choice to complete your wedding theme. We ask that you ideally order the favours at least 6-8 weeks before the day (about the same time at the wedding cake itself), so that we can hand-finish the favours to our mutual satisfaction. However don't panic if you find that you only have three weeks till the big day, and you have forgotten the favours - we can pull the stops out if necessary. However aside from the preparation, we have to allow for postage or delivery.

Fill in the enquiry form in the contact page or email me directly to specify what you want or pose any questions.

If you live outside the UK we can supply you too postage and packing is calculated once the order is placed and paid for in advance - we calculate to include in the price the size and weight of the package which will vary.

Many thanks, Lorna