Wedding Cake Designs



Round fruit cake decorated with Fresh flowers placed on a E Shaped stand, which set off the cake beautifully
Highland Fling Three tier Hexagonal fruit cake decorated with Ivory Icing cream and white roses, with a hint of Blue heather.  The sides of the cake are covered in garland frill finished off with white roses.
Display of fairy cakes with different designs for the Hertford castle Exhibition.
Hexagonal white sponge cake decorated with a spray of white Carla lilies finished off with a golden ribbon.
Square Lily cake with a Personalised policeman and bride as the bride and groom cake topper.  The cake is all chocolate sponge and decorated with a cascade of Carla lilies on the corner of each one
Burgundy and cream round sponge cake with a display of burgundy and cream roses on each tier on an 'S'-shaped stand.  The bride and groom of this cake where on a budget and I decorated the cake in Burgundy and cream to match the dresses and décor of the room. The white icing and the roses on the cake gave no indication of what was underneath - the top tier was traditional fruit, the middle was chocolate and the bottom Madeira.
Pavlova wedding cake - mickey mouse topper Herts
Grand Prix red rose Somara 3 tier of chocolate, Madeira and fruit cake on an 'S'-shaped stand with draping red roses.
Belgian Chocolate Swirls 3 layers stacked with chocolate sponge and butter cream through out the cake.  The decoration is strawberries dipped in chocolate
Profiteroles filled with Crème Patisserie, displayed as a tower.
Four-tier cake design for a wedding
rose decorated wedding cake design
Golden Hearts on a white round cake Placed on an 'S'-shaped cake stand, hand-painted with edible paint.  This cake was a very special request from the bride and groom. The top two tiers where chocolate and the bottom was fruit,  It just goes to show that although the cake looked like one it was actually three individual's. Here there was a chocoholic for a bride and a fruitcake’ for the groom.  The cake was designed through emails and pictures and sample being sent in the post.
Netherland tower.  Individual chocolate and lemon cakes covered in white icing and decorated with alternate orange and green daisies.
Cutting their Wedding cake.
Pink Cascade. Pink Carla lilies in fairy cakes placed on a fairy cake stand and topped with a chocolate sponge cake with a pink cascade of Carla lilies
Petal Heaven on a swan stand, This cake is very elegant on a swan stand with pink and white roses around a petal shape.  The top tier is false and the other two are chocolate.  This type of cake presentation is ideal if you still want the glamour of a traditional cake but on a budget.
Traditional three-tier cake placed on pillars with garland frill in the colours of ivory, cream and chocolate.
Traditional square cake with that extra horseshoe luck, surrounded with daisies.  This cake is icing with royal icing, not so popular now.  Stands on pillars with a posie of white gypsophilia on top instead of a bride and groom.
The Horseshoe tower - a traditional square royal iced cake with horseshoe edging and daisies, topped with a vase of fresh flowers which matched the bridal bouquet. The size of the layers are 14in, 12in, 10in, and 8in.  This would cater for about 250 people (though the royal icing is not the fashion at the moment)
Stacked three tier first layer fruit cake and the next two chocolate.  Covered with white icing and 300 silver balls. The shaped of the balls are placed as if it was a scene of waves.  Decorated with a light flutter of blue petals.
Stacked three-tier all fruit cake with a ivy cascade and dotted with cream roses.  Finished with a happy bride and groom smiling on top of the world.
Heart-shaped cake at the top and and stacked pink fairy cakes
Traditional three tier round cake with an alternate ribbon insertion and decorated with roses and carnations, placed on an 'S'-Shaped stand
This cake Topper I call the bear couple.
Trailing red ribbon sets off this fruit cake in on an S shaped individual stand