Custom-made Cake Toppers

It is with great pleasure that I have found my way to team up with Paul, an artist and technician in custom designed cake toppers - so I am delighted to showcase his work. I think the toppers and the range of figures that Paul has created speak of a person with a real creative talent. Please feel free to browse some of his creations if you are considering a cake topper for your special occasion cake.

Cake Toppers for Work dos
Cake toppers for past-times Children's Birthday Cake Toppers Wedding Cake Toppers Fantasy figures for the tops of cakes Cake Toppers for work Cake toppers for Hobby lovers

Having a cake topper model added to your cake, will add even more of a personal touch to your wedding day, birthday cake or special occasion. It will certainly put a smile on the face of your guests. Equally, the toppers - made from modelling paste - make a lovely long-lasting keepsake after a big day (if you don't eat them that is!).

Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

A cake toppers that represents or resembles the bride and groom, and/or matches their outfits, colours or look are a great way to top your wedding cake. The first, third and fifth in the selection below are wedding couple toppers that were made-to-measure for couples.

Cake Topper Family Marriage
wedding couple cake topper
teddy bear wedding couple cake toppers
custom made bride and groom cake topper

In commissioning the topper for you and yours, we will need certain details. As with the personalised wedding cakes, the objective is to match your cake topper as closely as possible to your desires. So, when you order a custom-made bride and groom topper consider supplying us with the following:


Custom-made Caricatures

Paul enjoys being challenged in his work and in particular, creating cake topper caricatures. A figurine specifically made for one person comes to life when one or more features, or activities of that person are exaggerated humorously and lovingly. Therefore, with the help of cakes2catering you can celebrate a loved one by commissioning a model for a special occasion; One that gently pokes fun at, or represents their slightly eccentric activities - past-times, funny obsessions or work.

Work Cakes
Work-based cake toppers

Equally, do remember to let us know what specific objects or features you'd like to see included on the figurine or its surrounds.


Birthday cake toppers and special occasion cakes

Both big and small people adore seeing cakes that have been especially made for them. Adding something special - and edible - next to their name, will bring out an even bigger smile that'll make it harder to blow out the candles.

Teddy Bear
Fairy birthday c
Wizard merlin cake topper

Tell us what your birthday boy or girl might love to see on their cake or occasion.


As you can see by the photos, the toppers can be of any subject or theme that you choose, and focussed on any special occasion - even an emigration party or freedom! Naturally, I would be delighted to supply the cake to go under it, but equally if you just want to simply commission a custom-made topper alone, I should be pleased to handle your requirements through the contact form.

Cake Topper Prices and Notice period

Prices depend on the complexity and challenge in the detail (and corresponding time put in). The notice period can be discussed at the time that we receive your order, but generally it takes a minimum of six weeks to get the look of your topper designed and satisfactory.

Ordering your Custom made Cake Topper

To have a no-obligation quote, or directly place an order, fill in the enquiry form, describing your wedding needs and details or the character you would like us to make in the 'Decor' section at the bottom of the form. If you have any further questions then please email me directly.

Many thanks, Lorna.
P.S. We are no longer able to post cake-toppers.