4 steps for your no obligation, cake quote...

Please take the time to make the various choices on the quotation form below. The items marked with an * (your name, email, subject & preferences message) are the minimum details required.

The more detail you can provide, the more accurate the quote will be, so please, if you can't tell me the venue, at least let me know which town you plan to host your event in or near (I am based in Elstree, Hertfordshire). Of course, let me know the likely date (even month) of your event wherever possible so I can manage my bookings. I am also available for consulations in the evenings and/or weekends.

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3. Cake's composition...

(Note: if not a tiered wedding cake, the bottom tier = composition of your birthday/special occasion cake)
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4. The details* (decor, style, colours etc..):

Detail preferences* - You may want to include the cake decor such as sugar flowers, fresh flowers, wedding favours etc.
and/or cake topper* figurine's appearance / style, etc..
*If it includes a Cake Topper Figurine - these are the criteria I need to know about: Cake Topper information required.


If you haven't all the information or details right now to fill out the form...

Dont panic, you do have other options:

  1. By bookmarking - You can bookmark this site/form to save it in your 'Favorites' list. Then, return when you have a more clearer picture of what you want (Ctrl + D).
  2. By Email Send me a message outlining the essentials, and we can then discuss finer details when they become clearer to you, at a time convenient time for you. A meeting can then be arranged at a later date for further planning or delivery.
  3. By telephone - you can call me on 0780 328 4623 (weekend and evenings are preferred) and let me know what further information you might need to be sure of what you want.
  4. Need a reminder? If you cannot decide today, but are planning an event for a later date, you can always ask me for an gentle prompt by email (see under teh site logo Lorna@...). Just tell me the event date, and when you will be ready to think more about your cake or catering.
  5. Come and meet me in person at a Wedding/catering Exhibition. I will be at several wedding exhibitions/shows around Hertfordshire and North London, so if we talk and we organise a booking there and then (email me for details).